Residence Inn Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, FL

A hotel ahead of its time… Located by the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, the project began with unique requirements the Fall of 2018. Designed to be a medical hotel, the property provides accommodations for guests who need a place to stay while receiving treatment at Mayo Clinic.

Large windows flood the rooms with natural light, an important mood boosting element for guests with extended stays and limited mobility. Another thoughtful feature for clinic guests is the Mayo Lounge. Located near the elevators and adjacent to the on-site nurse’s station on the second floor, the Mayo Lounge provides an area for guests receiving treatment to safely get out of their rooms for a change of scenery. In honor of the hotel owner’s mother, who passed while the project was underway, the lounge features art from her personal collection. Prepared for many possible situations, the second floor can also receive hospital beds as needed if a guestroom needs to be set up in that way, and guestrooms on this level include emergency power outlets and additional grab bars. The entire property is equipped with a state-of-the-art HVAC system that provides cleaner air supply than found at other hotels.

Natural light and curated art are also found throughout the public area of the hotel. A unique feature, large windows are the backdrop to the registration desk providing views of the landscape beyond. Art Designer Alex Turco, is a favorite for this client and the design team; his gray and cream brush stroke textured resin panels adorn the face of the bar while large panels in a warm champagne color cover the walls of the elevator lobby.


    New Build, Medical Hotel